1. Apple pectin

Apfel pectin turns into a kind of gel, expanding in volume upon contact with water: therefore, it has an excellent ability to fill the stomach, creating a feeling of fullness. And yet it contains only 42 calories per 100 grams. Pectin slows down the rate at which sugar enters the bloodstream and improves the elimination of various substances from the body, including fats.

Wie benutzt man es?


Take 4 g of pectin powder with a large glass of water before each meal. Precisely with a large glass: otherwise pectin, instead of improving digestion, on the contrary, will stall it. Pectin can be found both in capsule form and in liquid form – in this case add it to Tee and drink it again with plenty of water.

2. Cognac

He’s Konjac. Not the most popular product in our trade, but it is worth looking for it (for example, in foreign online stores that deliver in Russia, in particular It is made from the South Asian plant amorphophallus Cognac and can be found in the form of a powder or shirataki noodles. Like pectin, konnyaku, which contains a lot of soluble fiber, is great at deceiving hunger by filling the stomach.

Wie benutzt man es?

The optimal form is a powder, which must be diluted with water at the rate of 750 mg – 1 g per glass. And take a quarter of an hour before meals.

3. Guar flour

Also known as gum arabic. You will also have to run after it, but it will reward the efforts: there are almost zero calories, more than enough fiber, hunger is pacified, glucose levels are under control even when eating foods with a high glycemic index.


Wie benutzt man es?

Dissolve 4 g in a large glass of water, drink it a quarter of an hour before meals, and be sure to provide yourself with enough fluids for an hour.


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