Recently, more and more information about chlorogenic acid is found. The reason for this is simple – the amazing ability of chlorogenic acid to actively reduce weight has been found. Is this really so, and what other properties characterize this substance – let’s figure it out together.

Chlorogenic acid rich foods:

General characteristics of chlorogenic acid

Chlorogenic acid is most often found in the composition of plants, and has also been found by scientists in the composition of some microorganisms.

It is a colorless crystal. Its formula is C16H18O9… Easily soluble in water and ethanol.


Chlorogenic acid is a product of caffeic acid, or, more precisely, its ester, which also contains the stereoisomer of quinic acid. It is extracted from plant materials using ethanol. Chlorogenic acid can also be obtained synthetically from quinic and cinnamic acid.

Chlorogenic acid daily requirement

В сутки хлорогеновой кислоты человеку необходимо в количестве не большем, чем она содержится в одной чашке кофе. Даже с учетом того, что во время обжарки теряется большая часть этого вещества. Считается, что нехватка хлорогеновой кислоты в организме человека встречается крайне редко, так как она содержится во многих довольно распространенных продуктах питания. Что касается черного кофе, то нормой потребления считается 1-4 чашки в день.

The need for chlorogenic acid increases:

  • with unstable blood pressure;
  • with inflammation;
  • with a tendency to cancer;
  • weakness, lethargy, low body tone;
  • to lose weight if desired.

The need for chlorogenic acid decreases:

  • Diabetes;
  • Osteoporose;
  • Glaukom;
  • with problems with the Leber und Gallenblase;
  • with a stomach ulcer;
  • in neurosis.

The absorption of chlorogenic acid

This acid is absorbed well. However, when the body is alkalized, it can be converted into sparingly soluble salts.

Useful properties of chlorogenic acid, its effect on the body

Chlorogenic acid promotes weight loss, prevents the development of cancer cells. It has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the heart, tones up the heart muscle, equalizes blood pressure, prevents thrombosis and normalizes blood sugar levels.

It strengthens the muscles and bones of the skeleton, normalizes liver function and prevents aging of the body.

Chlorogenic acid has a lot of useful properties, among which the following can be distinguished:

  • antibacterial action;
  • entzündungshemmend;
  • antiviral;
  • antioxidative Wirkung.

Experts believe that when using chlorogenic acid to achieve any lasting result, diet and physical activity are required. Doctors explain this by the fact that having received a push, the body must work. Otherwise, at low physical exertion, the body will direct the received energy impulse against itself.

Interaktion mit anderen Elementen

Chlorogenic acid is thought to reduce the body’s ability to absorb carbohydrates. Soluble in water.

Signs of a lack of chlorogenic acid:

  • schnelle Müdigkeit;
  • Lethargie;
  • geringe Immunität;
  • unstable pressure;
  • weak work of the heart.

Signs of excess chlorogenic acid in the body

With all its positive properties, chlorogenic acid can do a lot of harm to our body. Firstly, it concerns its excessive use. Caffeine, which works great on the body in small amounts, can cause trouble in large amounts. First of all, the circulatory system and nerves will suffer, and neurosis and arrhythmia may develop.

Also, immunity decreases, the possibility of blood clots increases. In addition, many of the previously listed positive properties of this acid can turn into negative ones when chlorogenic acid is consumed in large quantities.

Factors affecting the content of chlorogenic acid in the body

Chlorogenic acid is found in nature mainly in plants. It is not produced in the human body, but supplied there along with food.

As for the use of green Kaffee, scientists are divided here. Some consider it a useful product, others warn, claiming that it can lead to stomach pain, diarrhea and a number of other health problems.

Such experts still recommend to give preference to roasted coffee, in which the concentration of chlorogenic acid is 60% lower than such a popular green. Green coffee proponents recommend drinking 1-2 cups of the popular drink a day.

Chlorogenic acid for beauty and health

Chlorogenic acid must necessarily enter the body as a stimulating factor. In limited quantities, it invigorates our body, improves its protective functions, normalizes the functioning of internal organs, and improves complexion and mood.

One of the most important properties of chlorogenic acid is its ability to reduce weight. Of course, this is a complex and not fully understood process. But at the moment, scientists argue that chlorogenic acid frees glucose from glycogen, thus giving the body the opportunity to use, first of all, the accumulated body fat.

Research confirms some progress in weight loss in people using coffee for this purpose. But it is still not worth considering that chlorogenic acid is the main factor contributing to the acquisition of ideal forms. Doctors emphasize the importance of proper nutrition and active physical activity.

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