Obst- und Gemüsepsychologie



The person is reliable, thorough and conservative, does not pursue technical innovations, does not like gambling and poorly planned travel. Everything in his life should go according to plan.

Apfel women are the best wives and mothers in the world, and men are very careful in matters of the heart.

Pear lover

A true optimist, he never gets discouraged. It’s always fun and festive with him. He is a devoted friend, always ready to help.


Girls who prefer Birne zu anderen Früchte dream of finding a strong and courageous companion, behind whom, as they say, like behind a stone wall.

Banana lover

The person is sensitive, vulnerable, can hardly stand criticism, is very touchy. But, if necessary, I am ready to sacrifice myself.

Grape lover

Can’t stand loneliness. When left alone, he often seeks consolation in Wein. This person always strives to get pleasure everywhere and always.

Strawberry lover

This is not an erotomaniac at all, but just a lover of a beautiful life, who gets along well with people and loves to flirt. But be careful – he is terribly jealous! Men who love Erdbeeren are often brawlers. Quarrels and squabbles are their element.

Cherry-cherry lover

An eternal child who loves surprises and is not averse to playing pranks. This is a sincere and kind person, ready for any sacrifice for the Sake of loved ones.

Orange lover

Energetic, active, likes to stand out in the crowd. He quickly attracts people, especially representatives of the opposite sex, easily converges, but just as easily separates.

Fruit + Vegetable =?

But it’s not that simple. We love not only fruits, but also Gemüse. Choose the most pleasant pair of Gurke, Melone, Wassermelone und Tomate – and find out everything about yourself!

Cucumber + melon

More often, such a duet is preferred by serious and courageous men. There are many athletes and travel enthusiasts among them. They are purposeful, always achieve their goals, but they are completely devoid of romanticism. Serenades under the moonlight will not be sung, a million roses will not be presented – however, it is quite possible to count on a bouquet on duty at a meeting.

Girls who love cucumbers and melons often become bosses. In everyday matters, they are completely helpless: they do not like to cook, they do not know how to save money for a rainy day, they do not like to wash and do the dishes. A housewife will not work out of this, but a faithful and understanding friend will come out for sure.

Tomato + watermelon

Lovers of these juicy fruits are cheerful and active people. They are too sociable, sometimes, being carried away, they can blurt out something offensive, but not out of malice, just from a lack of tact. They lack cunning, they are too sincere.

Men of this type love to eat well and lie on the couch.

Girls adore animals and are able to create comfort even in the most neglected bachelor den.

Cucumber + watermelon

The fans of this combination are restless people. Although outwardly they are restrained, inside they all boil. Life with a cucumber-watermelon man is like life on a volcano – you never know what to expect from them tomorrow. Moreover, he will not scandal over trifles: such a person accumulates grievances for months, and one fine day he may suddenly explode and slam the door. However, it is among the cucumber-watermelon people that scientists and inventors are often found.

Melon + tomato

If a person has a craving for these fruits, he is balanced and tactful, loves beautiful things, has a good taste.

Men with melon-tomato preferences are a little feminine, they suffer from narcissism. But they make great painters, artists and musicians.

Melon-tomato girls are impressionable, loyal, able to devote their whole life to a loved one.

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