Wie man nicht Gewicht verliert

Don’t be tempted to lose weight quickly. The result will be short-lived. The lost kilograms are recruited at a doubled rate. Let’s say you manage to lose 1,5 kg or more in a week. However, this will be caused by fluid loss. It is better to lose weight by reducing fat stores by 400-800 g per week.


They say that the second day of dieting is always the easiest, because few people survive the first. As soon as you go on a diet, you can no longer think about anything other than food, all thoughts are focused only on it. But nothing, because this is only some n-number of days (after all, this is what the majority thinks)! And 5-7-10 days later, everything that catches the eye gets into the mouth. The circle is closed.

If you have chosen this tactic, then you should know: the results in some cases are unpredictable and lead to (eating disorder, which is characterized by repeated bouts of binge eating). Such fast and rigid Diäten lead to nutritional deficiencies and awaken an exorbitant appetite, a person lives with a constant feeling of hunger. If, in your desire to lose excess weight, you decide to use an extreme remedy – Fasten – think about it. He is usually chosen as a means to an end in a political struggle. Fasting leads to a general deterioration in the body’s condition. If this is a short-term political manifestation, perhaps your demands will be met and you will get out of the hunger strike without any special losses. But, if this is a diet plan that is carried out without the attention of television cameras and the world community, you are in trouble. Constant suppression of appetite leads to, nervous disease – food refusal, leading to severe and sometimes irreversible weight loss.


What to do? Forget about measuring portions, counting calories and buying only health foods. It’s boring. It depresses the psyche. No one can withstand self-restraint for long. One thing is indisputable: it is necessary to adhere to the rules of ensuring weight loss, and a positive outlook on the changes taking place.


We are different, therefore, the need for the amount of food for each person is different – depending on the physique, age, gender. If a woman wants to lose up to 6 kg of excess weight, then she must adhere to a daily diet of 1500 kcal, if a man – then 2500 kcal. If a beautiful lady plans to part with 12 kg or more, then her diet should not exceed 1000 kcal, and the diet of a losing weight man should not exceed 1500 kcal. These numbers are relative. Who knows your body better than you? Listen to it and determine which calorie content suits you best, make the necessary adjustments based on the work performed, physical activity, your mood, and even the weather.

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