Wie man eine Diät nicht im Voraus beendet. 5 praktische Tipps

1. Formulate tactics and strategy

Ask yourself two questions: “” and “”. This will help you weigh your strengths and assess the appropriateness of the chosen diet. Are you ready to follow a high protein diet for life? Or eat Buchweizen throughout the year? And do not forget that low-calorie Diäten – – slow down the basal metabolism, so nutritionists recommend them for no more than a week.

2. Do not forbid yourself anything

The surest way to get out of the race ahead of time is to deny yourself your favorite food. It is recommended to change eating habits slowly and gradually, and not in a hurry. And no prohibitions: everything is possible, just a little and not every day… Take one of the weekends “” or allow yourself from time to time microspox doses of your favorite foods and meals in the morning. 


3. Set achievable tasks

Endocrinologists say that the permissible rate of weight loss is up to 2 kg per month… Experienced “” know that rapid weight loss leads to sagging skin and stretch marks. The root of the evil of the “yo-yo effect” (that is, rapid weight gain after a diet) is in unrealistic tasks and overly rigid restrictions. It is realistic to return to the size it was before delivery. Get thin ankles if they were always full – no. And remember: the faster you lose weight, the higher the chances of getting back everything you lost, and even more, in excess.

4. Don’t consider dieting as a breakdown

“”. This is a bug: two candies do not deal damage to a figure. Only the constant presence of sweets in the diet harms her. So do not rush to declare amnesty for the habitual uncontrolled eating, even if you have slightly sinned. Such zigzags, that is, deviations from the diet, are only welcomed by nutritionists. And if these zigzags happen to you often, consider whether the chosen diet is right for you.

5. Take some free time

Those who have practiced curative Fasten know How long time is freed from those who stop eating: so much that it is not even clear where to use it. In order not to tempt yourself with thoughts about food, psychologists recommend engaging in an interesting hobby – preferably one that takes you away from the refrigerator… It is worth going into your favorite business with your head, then

even hunger recedes to the edge of consciousness, and impulses “” disappear altogether. An important condition: the hobby should occupy the arms or legs.

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