Makrobiotik oder die Union von Yin und Yang



All foods, in accordance with macrobiotics, have different energy orientations – some are more yin, some are more yang, and a person’s task is to strive to achieve a balance of these two forces.

Subtleties and nuances

Yin characterizes the feminine principle and tends to expand. Yang – the beginning is masculine and tends to shrink. characterizes the acidic reaction of the product as yin, and the alkaline reaction as yang.


The taste of yin foods is pungent, sour and sweet, while yang tastes salty and bitter. Unlike conventional nutrition, a macrobiotic diet forms a slightly alkaline environment in the circulatory system, which provides a higher energy level of the body, immunity against colds, good digestion, strengthens bone tissue – at least, adherents of this method of nutrition say. They say that modern nutrition includes too many foods that give a person yin, that is, conventional nutrition favors an increase in the external dimensions of a person’s body. The most obvious sign of yin is being overweight. Macrobiotic nutrition gives a person’s appearance more characteristic of yang – slimness, muscularity. When yin and yang are balanced in the macrobiotic diet, the desire to eat “” (ice cream, cakes, fast food, Coca-Cola) does not arise. Probably…


Yin and Yang Products

Foods in a macrobiotic diet that can help you lose weight and gain health are whole grains. Buchweizen, ReisWeizen Mais, Gerste, Millet can be eaten in any form: boil, fry, bake.

Vegetables are minerals and vitamins that a person needs for life and growth. And the best and most nutritious of them is Kohl… It contains more vitamins, proteins and minerals per kilogram of weight than meat.

A wonderful source of minerals and complex carbohydrates – Möhren, Kürbis, Steckrübe. They are good because they require less energy in the process of assimilation by the body than green leafy vegetables. In addition, these vegetables grow in our latitudes, which is very important for the macrobiotic diet, according to which only foods grown in the same conditions where a person lives should be eaten.

Soy is the most commonly consumed legume in macrobiotic cuisine. tofu cheese… It contains a higher percentage of protein than Huhn. But while soy foods are inexpensive and easily digestible, they should be consumed in small amounts, like other protein-rich foods.


Are considered useful for eating seaweed and fish… If possible, include white fish meat and fresh seaweed in your macrobiotic diet.

An important role in diet is played by Gewürze… Of these, you can use sea ​​salt, soy sauce, natural mustard, Meerrettich, Zwiebeln und Petersilie, unrefined oils and gomashio… What is this? Don’t be alarmed. Homashio – a mixture of sea salt ground together and roasted sesame seeds. However, seasonings should not be overused – just like natural sweeteners. The latter are recommended only for occasional food consumption and represent dried fruits, raisins and fresh fruits.

Yin vegetables such as Kartoffeln, Aubergine, sorrel, tomatoes, and Rübe greens should be avoidedsince they contain which slows down the absorption of calcium. 


Sugar, chocolate and honey do not exist for the adherents of the macrobiotic nutrition system… Also per week you can eat no more than two handfuls of almonds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and walnuts, preferably roasted.

Chewing food thoroughly …

The most important thing to remember is that you can only eat natural foods without additives, preservatives, chemical dyes, etc. One of the tenets of macrobiotic nutrition is to chew food thoroughly. Chew each serving at least 50 times.

From a macrobiotic point of view, the formula “” or even ”is a very bad recommendation. According to macrobiotics, a person gets enough water from food. Besides, for drinking you can use only water, lightly brewed real black tea without additives or a drink based on Chicoree… Of course, it is always difficult to change the eating habits developed over the years. It is not necessary to immediately break yourself and switch to cereals and dried fruits – this way you can only harm the body. Do everything gradually. Start by cutting back on saturated fat, refined starch, and sugar.


Eat vegetables, beans more often, avoid foods high in cholesterol. And remember that eating a macrobiotic diet means understanding the importance of balance in food selection and preparation.

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