Ernährungsprogramm für die Woche: wenig Fett und maximale Vitamine

All “miraculous” diets are fraught with not only changes in the usual way of life, but also threaten health. Before you go on a trendy diet again, try to evaluate it objectively. 

For a start einen Arzt konsultieren: This may not sound very inspiring, but it will help you avoid a lot of wrong steps.

И don’t count on drastic changes… Does the diet promise that you will lose two or three kilograms in a week? But you don’t need that! When a person loses weight quickly, the metabolism in his body usually slows down and weight loss stops very soon. And then, with the return of the usual diet (after all, it is impossible to go on a diet all your life), weight is gaining just as quickly. The smartest take your time and shed 500 g per week… Oddly enough, this is not difficult at all. 

Ideally, the diet should be adapted to the specific case: after all, it is about your unique body, your habits and tastes, and finally, your daily routine. Therefore, do not be surprised if the tips that helped your friend or neighbor turn out to be useless for you. Passion for exotic “systems” like the grapefruit or pineapple diet, “fat-breaking” teas or capsules with extracts from Asian or African plants will also not lead to anything good.


What to do? To start put things in order in your kitchen and in your head… Food should be varied, tasty and enjoyable. Here is a variant of a weekly meal plan. It contains all the vitamins and minerals needed for health and is low in fat. The only limitation is salt, which is no more than 6 g every day, that is, as much as is contained in the foods themselves, and not a gram more.


… A plate of bran flakes, drenched in low-fat milk; banana; small glass of grapefruit juice. 

 Whole grain bread sandwich with Thunfisch and low-fat mayonnaise; low fat fruit yogurt; Apple.

... Hähnchen, quick fried with cashews and vegetables, with brown rice; fresh fruit salad. 

… Low fat whole wheat pie or soft cheese (or similar); 300 ml low fat milk.


A plate of sugar free muesli with low fat milk and Erdbeeren.

… Jacket Kartoffeln with egg, watercress and lettuce with low-fat dressing; nectarine and Trauben

Whole wheat spaghetti with lean Rindfleisch and veggie bolognese, salad with low fat dressing. 

.Bread toast with pâté or soft cheese; banana; 300 ml low-fat milk


Fruit salad with natural low-fat yoghurt, 2 tbsp. l. oatmeal and 2 tbsp. l. bran.

Grain bread sandwich with Avocado, Tomate and mozzarella; orange.

Gegrilltes Lachs with new potatoes, Brokkoli und Möhren; meringue with berries, low yoghurt

fat content. 

50 g sunflower seeds; 300 ml low fat milk


Grain bagel with cottage cheese or low-fat soft cheese and honey; banana; small glass of orange juice. 

… Homemade carrot and coriander soup, cereal bread; a jar of low-fat yogurt;

unsalted nuts, raisins.

… Grilled steak with baked potatoes, grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, salad; salad from

frisches Obst.

Whole grain pita with Schinken, salad and low fat dressing 300 ml low fat milk


Home-made porridge, boiled in water, dried apricots, honey; a glass of grapefruit juice. 

Hummus with carrots, Kirsche tomatoes, whole grain pita; low fat yogurt; crispy cereal bar.

Homemade chicken curry, rice, sambal (spicy seasoning made from a mixture of crushed sweet and savory

pepper with olive oil) with tomatoes and onions; a small sprig of grapes. 

… Nectarine; kiwi; 300 ml low fat milk


Grain bagel with soft low-fat cheese, salmon; a small glass of orange juice; Apple. 

… Nice Tuna Salad (canned tuna, boiled egg, green beans, potatoes and low fat dressing). 

Homemade vegetable lasagna, salad with low fat dressing. 

A slice of homemade carrot pie; kiwi; 300 ml low fat milk


… 2 egg omelet, grilled tomatoes, a slice of whole grain toast with cheese or low-fat cottage cheese,

small glass of orange juice. 

Roast beef, 2 baked potatoes, steamed cabbage; whole grain bun, grated

low-fat custard apple. 

… Vegetable soup, grain roll; Aprikose or nectarine. 

25 g Kürbis seeds; 300 ml low fat milk.

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