Training auf Chloe Ting: 6 HIIT Workouts + Herausforderung in 8 Wochen

Chloe Ting is a famous Australian blogger, producing effective workouts for weight loss and getting rid of fat in problem areas. Firstly, we offer you a selection of Chloe’s effective videos that will help you customize your home fitness exercises and add to them a heavy load.

Herausforderung für 8 Wochen von Chloe ting

Recently Chloe ting has released a new challenge for 8 weeks, including 4 workouts for weight loss, body tone, and getting rid of problem areas. Chloe has a calendar of lessons, which you follow for two months. Although it is not necessary to only run this program for a certain period of time, you can just use the separate videos to supplement your daily activities.

So, the program of Summer Shredding includes 4 workouts: intense cardio workout for the whole body (30 minutes), exercise for hands (10 min), exercise for the stomach (10 minutes), workout for thighs, and glutes (25 minutes). Classes are suitable for levels of training above average (exercises for beginners, see here). You won’t need special devices. Chloe offers during the week to be walking for 20-30 minutes or cardio workouts.


Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Unterricht ohne Aufwärmen und Abkühlen stattfindet! Sehen Sie sich unbedingt unsere vorgefertigte Sammlung von Übungen zum Aufwärmen und Dehnen nach dem Training an:

  • Aufwärmen vor dem Training: Training + Pläne
  • Stretching nach dem Training: Übungen + Pläne

Getönten Beinen & Hintern Workout (25 Minuten)

This exercise for 25 minutes is perfect to tone your thighs and buttocks. Chloe offers various exercises that tighten the muscles and help to get rid of problem areas. The program consists of two rounds, repeated in two rounds (the first round takes place on the floor, the second round is standing with lunges and squats). You will see 16 exercises; you will train under the scheme of 30 seconds of work / 10 seconds rest. If you have bad knees, you can execute only the first round.

18 Training für Beine und Gesäß mit einem Fitnessband


Training für Arme und Oberkörper (10 Minuten)

This short exercise for 10 minutes will help you tighten the arm muscles and effectively work on all muscle groups of the upper body. Chloe offers exercise weight loss based on planks and push-UPS. Core muscles, arms, and shoulders will burn! In this program, you will find 10 exercises performed according to the scheme 45 seconds work / 15 seconds rest. You can repeat the exercise in 2-3 laps. The class will appeal to both beginners and advanced students.

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Brutales Bauchmuskeltraining (10 Minuten)

It is a short but scorching workout on the floor to your belly and bark. You’ll alternate exercises for the back for the press and exercise bars. Even though the occupation is performed completely on the floor, your heart rate will be in gyrosigma area. In this program, you will find 10 exercises performed in the circuit of 50 seconds work / 10 seconds rest. You can repeat the exercise in 2 laps. The class will appeal to both advanced students.

Top 15 Übungen für Bauchkrämpfe und Planken


Ganzkörpertraining (30 Minuten)

This is an intensive interval training really intense and shock – it included burpee, horizontal running, jumping, squats, dynamic planks. However, if you do not jump, it is better to choose a less intense cardio workout. Full-Body Workout is in the interval principle; you will have to work hard to pass the video from beginning to end. The class consisted of 14 exercises repeated 3 laps of the circuit 30 seconds work / 10 seconds rest. Training is only suitable for experienced students.

Das schlagarme Cardio-Training von FitnessBlender

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6 HIIT-Workout für Fortgeschrittene auf Chloe ting

All cardio workout Chloe ting held on an interval basis and included very intensive impact exercises (jumping, squats, push-UPS, running, planks). If you like high-mountain load for quick results, training of Chloe, you will love it. For classes will not need additional equipment, all exercises are performed with their own body weight.

1. Intensives Ganzkörpertraining: Verbrenne 400 Kalorien (30 Minuten)

Workout includes 3 rounds of 4 exercises. Each round is repeated in 4 rounds. First round: Squat Jump Lunge, High Kicks, Skater Hops, Plank Hops. Second round: Burpees + Tuck Jump, Jumping Jacks, Squat Jump Toe Taps + Kickback, Cross Jacks. Third round: Groiners, Lateral Jumps, Single Leg Hop (R), Single Leg Hop (L).

Intensives Ganzkörpertraining | Verbrennen Sie 400 Kalorien in 30 Minuten zu Hause

2. Ganzkörpertraining: Kalorienverbrauch 250-360 (25 Minuten)

Training includes 2 rounds of 4 exercises; each round is repeated in 3 rounds. First round: Windmill Lunges, Mountain Climbers + Plank Jacks, High Kicks, Tricep Dips + Leg Raise. Second round: Squat Jumps + Side Kicks, Push-up + Squat, Jumping Jacks, Bicycle Crunch.

Brennen Sie 250-360 Kalorien und verlieren Sie Liebesgriffe! | Ganzkörpertraining Routine

3. Fettverbrennungstraining zu Hause (20 Minuten)

In this intensive training, offered 9 exercises, which are repeated in 4 rounds (30 sec/10 sec): High Knee Burpee, Push-up, Jump Squat, Squat Pulse, Mountain Climbers, Groiners, Jumping Jacks, Tricep Dips.

Ganzkörpertraining | Fettverbrennung Workout zu Hause

4. Tabata Fat-Blasting HIIT Workout (16 minutes)

In this intense TABATA-training waiting for you 8 exercises, each of which is repeated in 4 sets (20 sec/10 sec): Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Jumping Lunge Chop, Up & Down Plank, Broad Jump + Squat 180, High Kicks, Lateral Lunge Jump, Spiderman Plank.

FAT BLASTING HIIT Workout | Mach es überall!

5. Tabata HIIT Cardio Workout (16 Minuten)

In this intense TABATA-training, you will also have 8 exercises, each repeated in 4 sets (20 sec/10 sec): Power Jacks, Plank Jacks, Jumping Lunges, Mountain Climbers, Burpee’s, Ski Abs, Jumping Jacks, Plank. First, there is the workout!

HIIT Cardio Workout | Fettverbrennungstraining | Flache Bauchspitzen

5. Fettverbrennung HIIT Cardio (16 Minuten)

Firstly, this intensive training offers 8 exercises repeated in 2 rounds (45 sec/15 sec): Burpee + Star Jumps, Mountain Climbers, Jump Rope, In & Out Squat Spider Push-up, Squat Thrusters, Jumping Jacks, Lateral Lunge Jump.

Ganzkörpertraining | Schneller geschreddert werden! | Fettverbrennung HIIT Cardio

For weight loss, For advanced Interval workouts, Cardio workout.

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