Wir sind alle auf dem Weg zu Diabetes: Was ist, wenn Sie viel Zucker haben?



Was ist diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a disease caused by impaired carbohydrate metabolism. Diabetes is type 1 and type 2. The first type of diabetes mellitus is due to the fact that insulin ceases to be produced in the body: Pancreatic cells that produce insulin are destroyed. As a result, there is no insulin in the body, and glucose cannot be absorbed by cells. Insulin is a hormone that transports glucose from the blood to the cell, where this glucose will be utilized. In diabetes, the cell is in hunger, although there is a lot of sugar outside. But it does not enter the cell, because there is no insulin. Classical specialists prescribe insulin during the day and before each meal: before, it was injected in syringes, syringes, pens, and now there are insulin pumps.

Geben XNUMX Diabetes It is also associated with a violation of the metabolism of carbohydrates, but the mechanism is different – insulin, on the contrary, is very much and the receptors that should respond to insulin stop doing this. This condition is called insulin resistance. In this case, there is a lot of both glucose and insulin in the blood, but due to the fact that the receptors are insensitive, glucose does not enter the cells and they are in a state of starvation. But the problem here is not only cell starvation, but also that high sugar is toxic, it contributes to damage to the vessels of the eyes, kidneys, brain, peripheral nerves, muscle disruption, and leads to fatty Leber. Controlling diabetes with drugs is not very effective and does not address the underlying problems that lead to diabetes.

Gültig Ebene sahara in the blood of a healthy person on an empty stomach is up to 5,0 mmol / l, normal Ebene Insulin in the blood is also 5,0 mmol / l.

Diabetes and coronavirus

There will be more type XNUMX diabetes after covid. Type XNUMX diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which cells in the pancreas begin to attack and destroy a person’s own immune system. The virus gives a powerful stress to the immune system and promotes the activation of conditionally pathogenic flora, to which the body reacts in excess, as a result, the body’s own tissues begin to suffer. Therefore, covid is more severe in overweight and diabetic people and easier in people who are initially healthier. A low-carb nutritional strategy is a factor that boosts immunity.


Being overweight is the first step to diabetes

Sooner or later, we will all end up with diabetes if we continue to eat as we do now. We weaken our immunity by receiving various types of toxins with food and feeding the pathogenic microbiota with carbohydrates. And we disrupt our metabolism. Obesity is already developed among children and young people.

Overweight in a person already indicates that carbohydrates are not absorbed and the body stores them in fat cells. Signs that a person is developing Insulinresistenz: weight grows, skin and elbows become dry, heels crack, papillomas begin to grow on the body. By the way, physical activity, the same 10 thousand steps, affect insulin resistance in a positive way.

Kohlenhydrate beseitigen

Both types of diabetes are treated with a carbohydrate-free diet: all flour, confectionery, Früchte, getrocknete Früchte, soybeans, nightshades, legumes, starchy Gemüse und all Getreide are strictly excluded. Fats should be used as an alternative source of energy. If we eat fats, then we have no need for insulin – it is not thrown away, a person has enough of his own insulin, even if it is produced in a smaller amount. A healthy person can leave small amounts of carbohydrates in the form of fermented vegetables.

We refuse milk

The use of dairy foods should be minimized, because casein is one of the triggers for type XNUMX diabetes. This protein in cow’s Milch is similar to insulin and with increased intestinal permeability, fragments of casein trigger autoimmune processes. Countries that consume more dairy foods have a higher incidence of type XNUMX diabetes. In general, intercourse with milk should end after the mother stops breastfeeding the baby. Therefore, cow’s milk, especially powdered, reconstituted, as well as sweet yoghurts and low-fat Hüttenkäse should be excluded from the diet. As long as a person is healthy, only small amounts of high-fat dairy foods – sour Sahne, Sahne, Käse, Butter and ghee can become an exception.


Nehmen Sie Vitamin D

In Abwesenheit von Vitamin-D-, the propensity for both type 3 and type XNUMX diabetes increases dramatically. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor its level. Chrom, omega-XNUMX fatty acids and inazitol also affect the metabolism of carbohydrates. If you are deficient in these substances, you cannot make up for it with food – it is better to take them additionally. You can also take bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in the form of probiotics – the state of our microbiota in the intestines affects the development of diabetes.

Get enough sleep and don’t get nervous

Stress and sleep disturbances contribute to insulin resistance, obesity and diabetes. Stress affects the hormones of the adrenal cortex, in particular, cortisol, which is involved in carbohydrate metabolism, increases blood sugar. It is connected with our desire to eat something sweet when we are nervous. By the way, the peak of cortisol in the blood falls at 10 o’clock in the morning – at this moment the hormone promotes gluconeogenesis, the release of glucose from glycogen, and the sugar level rises so that when we wake up we have enough energy. If breakfast is added to this high blood sugar, then your pancreas gets double the load. Therefore, it is better to have breakfast at 12 in the afternoon, and to have dinner at 18.

Getting rid of bad habits

All intoxications, such as Rauchen and drinking in large quantities, destroy our mitochondria, tissues, membranes, so it is important to detoxify.


In general, remove excess carbohydrates from your diet, stick to a low-carb ketolifestyle strategy that will save you diabetes and help control your sugar when diabetes is already diagnosed. No pasta, no pizza, no !

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